Exploring Luxury in the Hotels of Peru and Ecuador [Part 5: Dining Rooms]

Hospitality is an artform that engages all the senses. In this artform the hotel dining room can play a pivotal role. These spaces are the points of convergence for multiple agendas (architectural, culinary, cultural) where all of a guest’s senses are fully engaged. These are the epicenters of the hotel experience.

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Young Marriage / Old House [Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room Renovation]

Bekah and I got married in October 2010. Two days before the wedding we bought a ramshackle little 120 year old house in Dignowity Hill on the near east side of San Antonio, the city where we grew up. We then set to work figuring out how we wanted to live our new life: within our new marriage, within an old house, within an unfamiliar neighborhood, and within an all-too-familiar city.

We wanted to be deliberate in all of these things, and we wanted them all to inform and to shape each other. We also wanted our own quirks to come forward whenever possible.

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