MAVERICKWORK is an open-ended exploration about inhabiting the world artfully. This blog is for anyone who is interested in things like architecture, mystery, invention, sustainability, simplicity, prayer, fasting, luxury, cities, rituals, stories, relief and development work, gardens and strange objects.

I’m curious about pursuing artfulness in the ways we exist at various scales: in the objects we handle, in the rooms we live in, in the cities we move through, in the landscapes we cultivate and on the planet we steward. Inhabiting the world with artfulness might happen through a humble daily chore or through a sweeping national policy. It might happen through acts of sacrifice or through acts of luxury.

Artfulness is about sustainability and frugal choices. At the same time it’s about the flourishing of things like celebration, atmosphere and soul – rebellious things that fly in the face of the modern rat race.

MAVERICKWORK is a mixture of speculations, observations and creative projects I’ve worked on. These projects run the gamut from crazy student work to ordinary acts of self preservation. The process here is indirect. The results are sometimes strange and shouldn’t all be taken too seriously. But at the root of these explorations the goal is always the same: more celebration, more atmosphere, more soul. I’m starting to believe the pursuit of these things might be very important. I want to see where this leads.

–Lewis Maverick McNeel

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