Exploring Luxury in the Hotels of Peru and Ecuador [Part 6: Swimming and Pampering]

Spa culture is kind of weird. Once, in the weeks leading up to our wedding, Bekah thought it would be hilarious to convince me to join her for something called a facial. In a dark earth toned room they wrapped my head up in a boiling hot cloth, provided me a library of scents to select from and informed me that I was about to be taken on a sensory journey. Then they repeatedly jabbed a little steel instrument deep into the tip of my nose. That was my first spa experience.

Every kid grows up loving hotel swimming pools. Immersion in water is a primal experience. It’s inherently appealing. A swim in a pool is a simple way to engage with a place on a tactile level.

Hotel spas, however, are more complicated amenities that definitely take some getting used to. I’m not entirely sure I’m used to them myself. Though what I do appreciate is that spa treatments work in concert with the surrounding atmosphere of a place to provide a total immersion aesthetic experience that goes far beyond what a swimming pool alone can offer in terms of mood, subtlety and physiological effects.

spa IMG_3758 small

spa IMG_4125 small

spa 222 small

spa IMG_3862 small

spa IMG_3765 small

spa 371 small

spa 153 small

spa IMG_3865 small

Bekah and I took these photographs at the following hotels:

Tambo del Inka

Sol y Luna

La Casona

Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica

J W Marriott Cusco

Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel

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